The Big Game: 10 Strategies for Winning at Life

BigGameOriginalAre you living the life you always dreamed of living? If you believe something vital is missing from your work, family, or spiritual life, you are not alone. Many of us were never taught how to build the strong personal foundation necessary for living life on our own terms.

This training manual will teach you the ten strategies that anyone can develop to prepare for the “big game” of life-and come out a winner. The Big Game will show you how to become aware, conscious, and ready for whatever challenges life throws your way. It is proactive personal development based on self-knowledge and critical thinking.

The Big Game outlines an innovative 10-point system for achieving new and higher levels of self-discipline, personal integrity, satisfaction, and achievement. Follow the strategies in this guide, and you can develop the skills, attitudes, and character traits that result in a successful and fulfilling life.

The Big Game has been published in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Indonesian.

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